Korean netizens react to the visuals and design of V's upcoming album

It was previously announced that ADOR's Min Hee Jin was collaborating with BTS's V on his upcoming solo outing, participating in music production, album design, choreography, and promotions. Netizens expressed their excitement on the team up when the news first circulated, and were particularly interested in the aesthetics of the album after the success Min Hee Jin experienced with NewJeans.


Today, fans were treated with visuals of what V's album would look like. Netizens responded excitedly on an online community to discuss the aesthetics of the anticipated album.

"Wow, V's album is finally coming out. The album is so pretty."

"Wow crazy quality."

"Such a Taehyung-like album T_T I really like it T_T."

"It's such a beautiful album T_T."

"I was looking forward to V's sense and his beauty, but it's really so good!!"

"I'm really looking forward to the music video for all the songs."

"This is the first time I see someone who looks good with that hair hahaha."

"Oh, there are so many songs, that's awesome hahahahaha."
"The introductory text on the track list is just so emotional haha ​​I like that there's going to be music videos for all songs!"

"The vibe really looks like ADOR's style? Hahahahaha I look forward to the album."

"It's very NewJeans, I should buy the album."
"It's crazy, they prepared really carefully, Taehyung did a lot of hard work, I'm really looking forward to it~~!!!!!!!!"

"Min Hee Jin's sensibility and V's sensibility at the same time. The synergy between the two is good. It suits Taehyung well. I'm looking forward to it."