Korean netizens react to news of EXO Chen's October wedding

It was previously reported that EXO's Chen is having a late wedding after 3 years of marriage.

Korean netizens shared their thoughts on an online community regarding this news.

"SM is so amazing haha ​​But no matter how SM you are, female idols can't do that..."

"Live life like Chen hahaha he does everything he wants to do."

"Oh my God, did they forget that they had a private wedding at that time? Are you doing it again because you couldn't invite guests? Amazing."

"Eh, didn't they already do this? Also, it feels really weird to read 'EXO', and 'the father of two' together."

"Didn't they already have a church wedding?"

"He has two kids already????"

"Idols are people too, so I'm the type to understand when they get married and start a family when the time comes, but he's a bit... I don't like it because he seems to deceive his fans too much."

"I like Chen as a singer, I listened to everything on his solo albums, and I understood that Chen is not just an idol, but a human being, and getting married was important to him. But this timing of a second wedding seems like too much."

"I'm an idol fan, and I do think Chen's being deceitful to his fans. But if he's married anyway, it's okay to live well, and if he couldn't get married during the pandemic, if he really want to hold a proper ceremony and take photos or something, I think that's okay. I think (the fan comments) saying he's just doing it to collect money from his acquaintances is a bit harsh."