Kim Soo Hyun opens up about his bowling addiction and unlikely friendship with Jung Hae In

In a revealing segment on the YouTube channel 'TEO Universe', the cast of the tvN drama 'Queen of Tears' - Kim Soo HyunKim Ji Won, and Park Sung Hoon - made some surprising revelations.

Kim Soo Hyun confessed to his past obsession with bowling, painting a vivid picture of his daily routine. He shared, "Before, I would hit the gym, eat, head to the bowling alley, and stay there all day. Sometimes, I'd emerge at 6 or 7 in the morning, grab a bite, then head straight back to bowl. This cycle repeated itself, with gym sessions squeezed in between." However, he revealed that he has since put an end to this lifestyle, acknowledging its toll on his health.

Reflecting on his bowling phase, Kim Soo Hyun admitted, "I was a little devastated because I poured out (affection). At that time, I also developed calluses and even faced epilepsy issues, which made washing my face painful."


Despite bidding farewell to bowling, Kim Soo Hyun has found solace in golf. He shared, "I couldn't pursue it while filming, but now I enjoy golfing, especially with Jung Hae In. We often hit the golf course together and unwind with a drink afterward."


Interestingly, Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Hae In, though never co-stars, have formed a close bond. Kim Soo Hyun reminisced about their chance encounter on the set of 'DP', a project Jung Hae In was filming. He recalled, "We were both shy at first, but a passing director encouraged us to be friends. Ever since then, we've shared a strong camaraderie."