K-netizens talk about EXO Sehun's striking visuals as a kid that instantly caught the attention of SM talent scouts

Sehun's innate charm and striking appearance must have truly stood out to SM Entertainment, even back when he was just a child, innocently indulging in Tteokbokki, unaware of the path that lay ahead of him.

Recently, an online community post talked about EXO's Sehun and the visuals that got him cast on the street while he was eating Tteokbokki.

 The fan who shared Sehun's childhood photos explained, "EXO's Sehun was cast on the street while he was eating Tteokbokki. Does that mean he was only good-looking in the past? No, he's still good-looking even now."

Korean netizens commented, "People always talk about his visuals in real life. I think there's a story about how a Homma (homepage fanmaster) of another idol saw him in real life and totally fell for him, lol," "I wondered how good looking a kid could be to be cast while eating Tteokbokki," "His nose is really surreal," "He's so good looking," "I think I would have cast him if I saw an elementary school kid who looked like that," and "I was really shocked when I saw Sehun in real-life too. He's super handsome."