#Jin gets promoted to the Special Class (Elite Warriors)

On July 9, Jin made a long-awaited appearance on social media after a month-long absence, and he had a surprise announcement to share. In his usual lighthearted manner, Jin revealed that he had achieved the rank of Corporal in the military much earlier than scheduled.

Besides, Jin also mentioned that he is now a part of the "Elite class of warriors" (Special Class Warrior). 

This title holds immense significance and is a dream come true for many. Being designated as a "Special Class Warrior" is an honor bestowed upon soldiers who demonstrate exceptional physical endurance and mental fortitude, standing out among their peers. Soldiers are selected based on their excellent combat competency. Among them, those who demonstrate outstanding marksmanship, physical fitness, and mental resilience are granted the title of "Special Class Warriors."

Korean TV media featured reports on Jin's achievement as a Special Class Warrior, shedding light on the characteristics required to earn this honorary title. All in all, the conditions to become a " Special class warriors" include: achieving a 90% hit rate in shooting (typically 18 hits out of 20 rounds), 86 sit-ups within 2 minutes, completing more than 72 push-ups within 2 minutes, a 3km run within 12.5 min, rapid marching in 20kg full gear, 5km run in 15kg gear, 240 meters round-trip race within 1 minute 20 seconds, 420 times leg tugs, etc. Jin was always known for being very athletic, and it further proves his exceptional athleticism and stamina.

Upon achieving the title of "Special Class Warrior," there are several benefits. They receive a reward vacation (usually 4-5 days). Soldiers get promoted earlier than their peers. They get selected for the Hall of Honor in their unit, where their photos get displayed for about a year. Lastly, if their shooting scores are outstanding, they may earn additional rewards related to shooting.

On top of this, they develop strong physical fitness and earn the esteemed title of being admired and respected by fellow soldiers.
Jin's promotion to Corporal two months ahead of schedule can be attributed to his exceptional performance as a trainer for newcomers, his athleticism, and his diligent work ethic. Fans couldn't be prouder of their beloved idol, and hashtags with Jin's name dominated social media throughout the day, celebrating this remarkable achievement.