Jennie Calls Out Fans for Using Cell Phones During Concert

BLACKPINK member Jennie called out fans for being on their phones during their concert in Singapore.

During the concert, Jennie noticed that many fans were holding up their phones to record the performance. She stopped the concert and addressed the fans, saying, "I'm seeing more cellphones than faces today. I don't know if I like that."

Jennie went on to say that she wanted fans to enjoy the concert and not be so focused on recording it. She said, "I want everyone to connect and interact with us, and sing and dance, and just party."


Jennie's comments were met with mixed reactions from fans. Some fans agreed with Jennie and said that they would rather put their phones away and enjoy the concert. Others said that they wanted to record the concert so that they could remember it forever.


Overall, Jennie's comments sparked a conversation about the role of phones at concerts. Some people believe that phones are a distraction and that fans should put them away and enjoy the performance. Others believe that phones are a way to capture memories and that fans should be allowed to use them as they please.


It is up to each individual fan to decide what they want to do with their phone at a concert. However, Jennie's comments are a reminder that concerts are about more than just watching the performance. They are also about connecting with other fans and artists and enjoying the experience together.