IU's 'Love Wins' poster featuring BTS' V sparks controversy over song title

Singer IU unveiled the main poster for her upcoming song "Love Wins", featuring BTS's V. While the poster generated excitement among fans, it also ignited criticism from sexual minorities due to the song's title.


On January 16 KST, IU's agency, EDAM Entertainment, shared a preview poster on their official social media, depicting BTS's V and IU seated face to face.

The controversy arose when LGBTQIA individuals raised concerns about the song's title, "Love Wins". Critics argue that using this phrase, which has been a slogan in pride parades for sexual minorities, for general heterosexual content may dilute its original meaning.


Critics voiced their concerns, questioning the choice of the song title. Conversely, others found such criticism excessive. They argued that there are already several songs titled 'Love Wins,' and the phrase itself represents the universal power of love triumphing over hate and prejudice.


Some netizens cautioned against hasty judgment, asking whether the presence of a man and a woman in the poster necessarily implies heterosexuality in the song. 

IU's new song 'Love Wins' is scheduled for release on major music platforms on January 24 at 6 PM. This release marks IU's return to the music scene approximately two years and one month after her last release, 'Piece of Pieces,' in December 2021.