International Music Association finds that 8 out of the top 10 global album sales in 2022 were for Kpop

Last year, eight out of ten best-selling traditional physical albums around the world were found to be Kpop albums. 


According to the 'Best selling albums worldwide in 2022' announced by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry on March 28 KST, BTS' (ranked 2nd) anthology album 'Proof' led the eight Kpop albums on the top 10 of this survey.


BTS' 'Proof', which also topped the US Billboard's main album chart 'Billboard 200', is the highest ranking by a Korean singer. In particular, BTS entered the top 5 on the chart for 3 consecutive years, proving their status as 21st century pop icons.

Stray Kids' (who reached the top of the 'Billboard 200 twice last year) 7th mini album 'MAXIDENT', came in 4th place. In particular, Stray Kids entered the top 10 with two albums by placing their 6th mini album 'ODDINARY' at number 8 on the chart. Both albums reached the top of the Billboard 200.


The group Seventeen ranked 5th on the chart with their 4th album 'Face the Sun'. Seventeen also entered the top 10 with two albums, including the 4th repackage 'SECTOR 17', which ranked 9th.


ENHYPEN climbed to 6th place with their 3rd mini album 'MANIFESTO: DAY 1'.  

BLACKPINK's 2nd full-length album 'Born Pink', which also topped the 'Billboard 200', came in 7th place. The group Tomorrow X Together took 10th place with their 4th mini album 'minisode 2: Thursday's Child'.


In particular, HYBE, which has a 'multi-label system', has a total of five albums from four teams, BTS, TXT (Big Hit Music), Seventeen (Pledis Entertainment), and ENHYPEN (Belift Lab), showing their potential by including a total of five albums in the top 10. JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment saved face as large Kpop agencies with Stray Kids and BLACKPINK, respectively.

The 1st place in the survey was taken by Taiwanese top star Zhou Jerun's 15th full-length album 'Greatest Works Of Art'. Taylor Swift who recently released her 10th album 'Midnights' came in third place.


Meanwhile, the International Music Industry Association is a representative music industry organization with more than 8,000 record labels around the world as members. The Global Album Sales Chart ranks the best-selling albums of the year based on the number of physical albums (CDs, vinyls, etc.) sold worldwide and the number of paid downloads.