If these Disbanded Groups made a Comeback, Which One Would Reign Number 1?

The fleeting nature of fame is a harsh reality, particularly evident in the K-pop industry. Despite achieving considerable success, many groups have had their journey cut short, disbanding after their contracts ended or due to other circumstances. But imagine if these groups made a comeback; who would take the top spot?

1. 2NE1: Pioneers of the "girl-crush" concept, 2NE1 broke away from the typical innocent, school-girl image with their bold, edgy style. Hits like "Fire" and "I Am the Best" have left an indelible mark, making the possibility of their return an exciting prospect for fans worldwide.

These groups have left a void in the hearts of fans worldwide. Their potential comebacks spark discussions and dreams of what could be. What other disbanded groups would you like to see return to the stage?