Girls' Generation's Taeyeon reveals the secret to her slender figure

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon has revealed the secret to her slender figure.

On January 21, a video titled 'Introverted person's character: Most busy at home. Taeyeon's shopping basket' was uploaded on W Korea's YouTube channel.

On this day, Taeyeon introduced some of the must-have items that are in her shopping basket. She shared, "It's soon Lunar New Year's Day, so some of you may be already thinking about which presents to give. And giving out something obvious is no fun, right? So, let me show you my secret wish list. All the items I chose can be seen in the Kakao Talk Gift tab."

In the video, Taeyeon introduced the items in her shopping basket and shared that she loves snacking on jellies (gummy bears). She shared, "I have them in my car and at home as well. And I just eat at home when I see them." When asked what is her favorite snack, Taeyeon said, "Jelly" without hesitation.


She continued to say, "I like jellies. I eat a lot of jellies. I eat jellies and jellies."

In response to a question about how she spends her time at home, she revealed, "I watch YouTube and Netflix. I don't eat much. I just eat snacks like jellies and drink coffee." She added, "My mom might smack me on the back."