Former K-Pop idol cast member on 'Transit Love 3' shocks viewers by revealing that she dated her ex for 13 years

On the January 5 broadcast of the TVING-original reality series 'Transit Love' season 3, the story of the Song Da Hye-Seo Dong Jin couple was revealed.


After meeting each other again as cast members on the show, Song Da Hye and Seo Dong Jin confessed that they had dated for 13-years with three short breakups in the middle: from February of 2010 through July of 2014; August of 1014 through September of 2018; and December of 2018 through June of 2023. 

Previously, Song Da Hye garnered attention as a former K-Pop idol, having promoted in the girl group BESTie from 2013 through 2017. 


With her relationship history now revealed, Song Da Hye confirmed that she had dated Seo Dong Jin for most of her idol career. 


According to the couple, they first met as teens dreaming of becoming K-Pop idols. They were trainees at the same company (according to fans, SM Entertainment), but were "let go" after the company found out about their relationship. 

Afterward, Dahye joined a different company and successfully debuted with her group BESTie, and she and Dongjin continued dating while respecting the other's position. Dongjin further revealed that he had accompanied BESTie while acting as a manager during some of the group's schedules.

How did K-netizens react after learning about this couple's 13-year history? Some commented, "13 years? Isn't that practically marriage and divorce?", "13 years, they must know each other better than some families", "Wow they actually dated the whole time while she was an idol", "It's only the beginning and they're already crying so much TT. I'm crying with them too TTTT", "This is gonna end one of two ways. Marriage, or they stop seeing each other for good", "Now this kind of makes you wonder how many idols are actually dating...", and more. 

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