Following controversy, Seventeen adjusts album price and offers explanation

Seventeen's deluxe edition of their best album '17 IS RIGHT HERE' stirred debate when it hit the market with a hefty price tag of 170,800 won on May 7 KST. Responding swiftly to the backlash, the agency slashed the price to 83,400 won later that day, and it currently sits at a discounted rate of 69,500 won, marking a 17% reduction.


Pledis Entertainment, the group's agency, addressed the situation, attributing the pricing mishap to an oversight in the album's planning process. They clarified, "In line with our intention to make the best album accessible to more fans, adjustments were made to the components and pricing." They further explained, "An operational error led to the distributor initially listing the album at the planned price rather than the final rate, causing the discrepancy in the displayed price."

Expressing regret for the inconvenience caused, the agency assured fans that they are working with distributors to rectify the pricing error and facilitate refunds. They concluded with an apology, stating, "For those who have already made purchases, retailers will provide instructions on refunds. We deeply apologize for any confusion surrounding the highly anticipated best album. Rest assured, steps will be taken to prevent such errors in the future."