FIFTY FIFTY quietly release a compilation album

It's been revealed that girl group FIFTY FIFTY released a new compilation album, called 'The Beginning', on September 22 at 11 AM KST. 


Notably, the compilation album was released without any prior promotion involved, with its distributor listed as Warner Music Korea, its management listed as ATTRAKT, and the album's chief composer/producer listed as Ahn Sung Gil (SIAHN). 

The full compilation album houses 11 tracks - "Cupid (Twi Ver.)", "Cupid (ft. Sabrina Carpenter)", "Cupid (Twin Ver.) (Live Studio Ver. OT4)", "Lovin' Me (Live Studio Ver. OT4)", " "Tell Me (Live Studio Ver. OT4)", "Higher", "Log", and Cupid (Twin Ver.) - Sped Up Version".


Meanwhile, with FIFTY FIFTY's legal contract lawsuit against ATTRAKT still ongoing, it remains unclear why Warner Music Korea agreed to have the album released at this time. 

Regarding the compilation album news, CEO Jun Hong Joon of ATTRAKT told media outlets, "This version is a repackaged version for U.S. release. The planning for this version took place in May, and a contract was signed with Warner Music Korea in early July. At the beginning of August, I shipped about 156,000 copies to the U.S. for distribution, and that is the album which has been revealed on domestic music streaming platforms today."