Fans speculate BLACKPINK's Lisa may have signed with Columbia Records

Fans are speculating that BLACKPINK's Lisa may have signed with Columbia Records

On October 15th, fans who keep a close eye on Lisa's following and follower lists on Instagram figured that the CEO, the digital marketing manager, and the creative specialist of Columbia Records are all following Lisa on Instagram.

Although recently Rose was spotted dining with the CEO, Lisa is the only group member that the digital marketing manager follows on Instagram according to the speculation. 

After J.Mallory CEO of Columbia Records follows #LISA on IG, Now! Chika Ifediora (Marketing Digital Managef of Columbia Records) is only the #BLACKPINK member she follows on her IG.


 By the looks of it, Chika only follows singers from Columbia Records (except Billie Eilish)

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK debuted in August 2016 and celebrated the group's seventh anniversary earlier this year. As previously reported, the members are currently in discussions with YG Entertainment about renewing their contracts. 


What do you think about this speculation?