Fans set up a special free coffee event for active duty soldiers in celebration of BTS V's 100-Day military enlistment anniversary AKP STAFF

BTS V fans have prepared a special event in Chuncheon to commemorate V's 100-day military enlistment anniversary.

On this day, the 'Kim Tae Hyung Support Korea' fan group held an event in collaboration with Compose Coffee's Ududumir Branch and Chuncheon Myeongdong Branch, where they distributed 100 cups of coffee and 100-day celebration rice cakes for free to military personnel.

The support group prepared 100 additional cups once the coffee shops quickly distributed 100 free coffees in the morning.


One soldier expressed astonishment and shared, "I thought this event was prepared by the label but I was so surprised to find out that it was the fans who collected the funds and organized it. I will give the rice cake to V directly when I get back to the base." Another soldier shared, "I never saw V in person inside the base, but I will thankfully enjoy the coffee since his fans prepared it."

A representative from 'Kim Tae Hyung Supporters Korea,' who came from Seoul for the event, shared, "We prepared this event to express our gratitude to the soldiers serving with V and celebrate V's 100th day in the military with them." The representative added, "Fans are eagerly waiting for V, so we hope that he finishes the remaining military service in good health."

Earlier in February, BTS member J-Hope's fan club also demonstrated their positive influence by organizing a coffee-sharing event for the soldiers of the 36th Division White Tiger Unit in Wonju to celebrate his birthday.


Meanwhile, the Compose Coffee Chuncheon branch celebrated  V's 100-day military enlistment anniversary with banners set up in front of the stores. Additionally, V released his new single 'FRI(END)S,' which topped the iTunes 'Top Songs' chart in 87 countries worldwide within a day of its release and the music video surpassed 14 million views on YouTube in just four days.