Fans are loving SHINee Key's surprise appearance on 'The Seasons - Lee Hyori's Red Carpet'

In the latest episode of 'The Seasons - Lee Hyori's Red Carpet,' SHINee's Key made a special appearance that took fans by surprise and was met with an enthusiastic reception.

As the episode unfolded, Key emerged unexpectedly, which shocked and excited the audience. The surprise appearance by the talented singer added an extra layer of excitement to the show as he sang his solo track "Good & Great."

Fans were thrilled to see Key make an appearance on 'The Seasons - Lee Hyori's Red Carpet,' and the warm reception he received is a heartwarming reminder of how much love there still is for this second-generation idol. It was a genuinely delightful surprise that sparked joy among his followers.

Korean netizens are expressing their joy over the audience's enthusiastic reception to Key's surprise appearance.


Korean netizens commented, "Even the middle-aged audiences are so excited to meet Key," "I think the best way to increase popularity," "Even my mom and dad knows Key," "The audience are so excited to see Key," "I think this is the most excitement the audience ever showed," and "He's like the new nominee to be president."