EXO's D.O. causes laughter as he randomly asks fans to 'please look forward to 'Moana 2''

On February 10 KST, EXO's D.O. spent time chatting with fans on Bubble for the start of Lunar New Year weekend.


While discussing various types of tteokguk and how he would cook it himself, D.O. suddenly wrote, "Wait, did someone say they're releasing 'Moana 2'?"

The Bubble message was then followed by D.O. sharing the special announcement clip for 'Moana 2' by Disney Korea.


The idol then added on,


I just got shivers..
I want to ask that you all please look forward to 'Moana 2'.
I'm so excited already ha..
Everyone, I'm not recommending 'Moana' because it's just another good movie. It is genuinely a happy movie." 

Many fans receiving the Bubble messages found D.O's sudden 'Moana' outburst hilarious, commenting, "Why is he so serious kekekeke", "Does he work for Disney kekekeke", "F*** the tteokguk when there's an announcement for 'Moana 2' lol", "I guess I need to rewatch 'Moana' over the holiday since Kyungsoo told me to kekekeke", "'Moana' is my favorite Disney animation!", "He suddenly went super fan mode kekekeke", "Disney needs to bring him on to sing a collab OST!", "That's the same Do Kyungsoo who went to the theater to see 'Frozen 2' while on vacation during military service kekekekekeke", and more.