EXO's D.O. allegedly spotted smoking an e-cigarette in a music program waiting area

E-cigarettes have become a topic of debate in the K-Pop industry lately, and the latest idol allegedly involved in an e-cigarette issue is EXO's D.O


According to online users, the EXO member was recently spotted exhaling what appears to be smoke from his nose and mouth in one of EXO's behind-the-scenes videos. Netizens raised the suspicions that D.O. was smoking an e-cigarette inside a music program waiting room while having his stage outfit adjusted.

For many, the matter appeared quite serious not because of the possibility that D.O. was a smoker, but because he was smoking indoors, in a waiting room full of staff and one frequented by numerous other artists and staff. 


Some commented, 


"What rotten manners."
"The last remaining member of EXO without trouble or controversy... and there he goes."
"Apparently, music show waiting rooms are now the meetup spot for e-cigarette smokers..."
"If you're an idol and a public figure... the least you can do is not smoke indoors when there are other non-smokers around."
"A thirty-year old man can smoke, that's fine. But smoking indoors is seriously harmful to others!"
"Is cigarette smoke something that you have to deal with if you're staff for a K-Pop idol..?? Is it part of the job?? Rough..."
"I can't stand people who smoke in front of others." 
"The thing is, a lot of K-Pop idols smoke. But if they go outside to smoke, the sasaeng fans will be there to take a hundred photos. So they have no choice but to smoke inside... the only option is to not smoke and bear with it." 
"At this point these broadcasting stations need to set up an indoor smoking area for K-Pop idols."
Meanwhile, the YouTube video where the above image originated from has since been edited.