EXO-CBX faces backlash and uncertain future after criticizing SM entertainment in emergency press conference

EXO-CBX (Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin) is facing backlash after publicly criticizing SM Entertainment in an emergency press conference on June 10 at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

They accused SM of failing to honor a promised 5.5% music distribution fee and demanding 10% of their individual activity revenue. The conference was attended by INB100 representatives, but EXO-CBX members were absent.

INB100 claimed that despite sending a content certification letter to SM two months ago, they received no response. They alleged that SM's COO had promised the 5.5% fee, which led EXO-CBX to sign an agreement, but SM did not uphold this promise and instead demanded 10% of the artists' individual activity revenue.

SM responded by accusing EXO-CBX and their associates of "tampering" and clarified that the disputed distribution fee was never included in the contract. 


They emphasized that SM could not decide the distribution fees set by other companies. SM also highlighted additional support they provided to Baekhyun, including allowing his solo album release under his personal corporation and covering penalties for his canceled Japanese concert.

Despite SM's clarifications, INB100 expressed regret over SM's tampering allegations and stated their intent to pursue legal action for defamation and spreading false information. They insisted that SM had proposed and then reneged on their promises.