ENHYPEN to release a remake of BTS's 'I Need U' for 'Spotify Singles'

Boy group ENHYPEN will be remaking BTS's hit song "I Need U" for Spotify Singles, BeLift Lab confirmed on February 16 KST. 


The single will be available exclusively on Spotify on February 16 at 12 PM KST, and will be the first time ever that another K-Pop artist releases an official remake of a BTS song since the group's launch in 2013. Producer Bang Si Hyuk personally took part in the arrangement

The ENHYPEN version of "I Need U" will accentuate the sentimental mood of the song's lyrics with mellow, acoustic instrument sounds instead of the original's powerful electronic synthesizers. 


After ENHYPEN, Spotify Singles will be partnering up with two more K-Pop artists this year with the theme of "The first K-Pop song I ever loved"