CRAVITY showcase formal attire concept photos

On the 30th, their agency, Starship Entertainment, unveiled concept photos for the song "Megaphone," which is part of CRAVITY's sixth mini-album "SUN SEEKER," through their official SNS.


In the individual concept photos, the CRAVITY members wore formal attire adorned with gold chains and fancy badges, each emitting their distinct charm. They also effortlessly displayed restraint, charisma, and sophistication while stylishly wearing berets

In the group concept photos, the individual charisma of each member harmonized to create a dignified and elegant appearance for CRAVITY. The weighty expressions and an unapproachable aura heightened anticipation for CRAVITY's upcoming performance.

CRAVITY is set to deliver high-quality performances during their "Megaphone" promotions, continuing their pursuit of "Performavity" (Performance + CRAVITY).


CRAVITY will kick off their "Megaphone" activities on November 1st