Chung Ha and ATEEZ's Hongjoong ignite excitement with 'EENIE MEENIE' dance challenge

Chung Ha will release her new single 'EENIE MEENIE' at 6 PM on the 11th through various music sites. Amidst this, she has gathered attention by additionally revealing a challenge video for the title track 'EENIE MEENIE (Feat. Hongjoong (ATEEZ))'.

In the video, Chung Ha is seen performing a dance challenge with Hongjoong of ATEEZ, who features in 'EENIE MEENIE'. 

Set against the backdrop of an old, retro-themed café, Chung Ha and Hongjoong enhance the unique mood with their hip styling. With perfect chemistry, Chung Ha and Hongjoong nail the dance challenge for the song's key part, raising expectations for the musical synergy to be showcased through 'EENIE MEENIE'.


The new single 'EENIE MEENIE' is an album that offers a glimpse into Chung Ha's new beginnings and her contemplations on future endeavors. Chung Ha participated in the album's lyrics, enhancing its authenticity and completeness, and is expected to captivate music fans worldwide with addictive choreography and high-quality performances.


The title track 'EENIE MEENIE' features a danceable rhythm built around a heavy and repetitive contrabass, offering fun with its unpredictable flow. It carries the message of embracing the moment of choice with joy and excitement rather than overthinking due to the pressure of others' opinions and outcomes, encouraging listeners to make choices led by instinct.

Chung Ha's new single 'EENIE MEENIE' will be available from 6 PM on the 11th through various music sites.