BTS's V wins game on special episode of SBS 'Running Man'

The 'Running Man' episode broadcast on the 10th achieved a peak viewership rating of 5.2% and a household viewership rating of 4.5%, which was an increase from last week. The target rating '2049 viewership rate' recorded 2.9% (according to Nielsen Korea, metropolitan area, household basis), ranking it in the 'Top 3 of 2049 viewership rate' among dramas, variety shows, and educational programs broadcast that day.

The broadcast revealed the final results of the 'Caramel World' race from last week. Yoo Seung Ho, BTS's V, and the members played a card game for the final showdown. 

V, who claimed the final victory expressed his happiness, saying, "I feel good winning again," and Yoo Seung Ho added, "I lost again after coming here. If I get another chance, I'll come back for revenge."

Later, a series of events unfolded at the hotel, including Yang Se-chan's introduction of Ji Suk-jin's career and congratulatory performances by junior comedians. Notably, the comedians' performance recorded the highest minute rating of 5.2%.

With the appearance of comedian Jung Ho-cheol, Yoo Jae Suk recognized him, saying, "Aren't you getting married in April?" to which Jung Ho-cheol expressed his gratitude. Ji Suk Jin humorously retorted, "Why respect him at my place?" causing laughter. The junior comedians, having a buffet meal together, asked Ji Suk Jin for tips on breaking into variety shows. However, Ji Suk Jin's honest remark, "Honestly, it's not as easy to become popular as in our time. There's no place for newcomers to shine," left everyone in shock

The final segment featured Yoo Jae Suk's congratulatory speech and the production team's rolling paper. Everyone expected Ji Suk Jin to cry, but he attempted to end the show with artificial tears, which instead flowed down his cheeks, showing his unstoppable sense of humor. Failing to win any gifts, Ji Suk Jin was selected as the next traveler after Yang Se-chan for a budget-free trip.