BTS's SUGA concludes the first chapter of 'Suchwita (Time to Drink with SUGA)'

BTS's SUGA has concluded the first chapter of his beloved talk show 'Suchwita (Time to Drink With SUGA).'

The last episode of 'Suchwita' aired on February 26, and SUGA invited his close friend producer EL CAPITXN as the last guest on the first season.


At the beginning of the episode, SUGA shared that today would be a special episode and introduced his BFF, Jang Yi Jeong, also known as producer EL CAPITXN. Jang Yi Jeong is known for being the producer of many BTS hits such as "DDAENG," "Take Two," "Interlude: Shadow," "Daechwita," "AMYGDALA," and many more.

On this day, the two musical talents and best friends spent a comfortable time talking about their experiences of making music together and sharing a close friendship. They also had a touching moment to wrap up the last episode, and Jang Yi Jeong handed SUGA a contribution award from Team SUGA.


At the end of the episode, SUGA also sat down and personally said goodbye to Season 1 and shared his hope for a Season 2. He shared, "During the opening today, I mentioned that it was a special day. Well, today was the last recording of Suchwita Season 1. This is the last episode. It was also the last official item on my schedule... December 2022, starting with the whiskey and traditional liquor that Namjoon brought, I met and talked to a lot of different people from various fields. There's going to be a Season 2, right? I hope so."