BTS's Suga and j-hope shine in U.S. box office and OTT platforms during military hiatus

Suga's concert film hits No. 2 in North America

Released in select countries on the 10th, 'SUGA | Agust D The Tour The Day The Movie' debuted at number two at the US box office, right behind the blockbuster 'Godzilla vs. Kong: New Empire'. Despite a limited release in 783 theaters, it outperformed major titles like Dev Patel's 'Monkey Man' and 'Dune: Part 2', grossing over $960,000. This reflects BTS's solid popularity in the US, even during their military break.

This film marks the first time a BTS member's solo project has been screened in theaters, including special IMAX showings in South Korea. The IMAX viewers received limited edition posters, and 'Suga D-Day' drink cups sold at concessions were quickly sold out on the first day. A special screening on the 21st, celebrating the first anniversary of Suga's solo album 'D-Day', is expected to draw even larger crowds.


j-hope's documentary earns acclaim

j-hope's six-part documentary series 'Hope on the Street', which concluded on the 23rd on Tving and Amazon Prime Video, has been globally acclaimed, scoring 9.5 out of 10 on IMDb. Notably, Forbes highlighted the documentary as a demonstration of j-hope's continuous evolution as a musician, dancer, and creative artist, breathing and connecting with street dancers worldwide.

Furthermore, the North American nonprofit organization CSM, which rates media content for educational value, recommended the documentary for its educational content, praising j-Hope's way of honoring those who introduced him to dance as showing how he values relationships.

Alongside the documentary, the album 'Hope on the Street Vol.1' debuted at number five on the Billboard 200, marking j-hope's highest solo ranking to date, surpassing his 2018 mixtape 'Hope World' and 2022's 'Jack in the Box'.