BTS's Jungkook lands on the news after falling asleep during a live stream with over 6 million fans watching

Just when fans thought they couldn't fall deeper in love with BTS's Jungkook, he surprised them through an unexpected live broadcast session.


On June 12, Jungkook delighted fans once again by logging onto Weverse Live. The beloved idol engaged with his fans, talking about various topics and answering fans through the live comment section. 

However, just when fans thought Jungkook's Weverse Live couldn't possibly bring any more surprises, they were treated to something unexpected. During the live stream, Jungkook unexpectedly dozed off and slumbered for 21 minutes before he woke up and turned off the stream.

This cute moment captured the hearts of fans worldwide as more than 6 million fans were viewing the live broadcast to witness Jungkook's adorable nap. 


Fans from all over the world shared other videos of them watching Jungkook sleep. One video is going viral as fans are watching Jungkook sleep while they are out partying at a club.

The video of Jungkook's nap even landed on the news in the Netherlands, making netizens laugh.


Korean netizens reacted by commenting, "Jungkook is sleeping so well," "It's so hilarious. Jungkook just fell asleep but ended up on the news," "he fell asleep with millions of people watching," "Why is Jungkook so cute?" "He's just sleeping but it's funny," "This is hilarious," "Jungkook sleeping ended up on the news of other countries," and "He's sleeping like a baby."