BTS's Jimin & Jungkook look like they're adjusting to military life well in new photos after CBR training

All of the BTS members are adjusting to military life well, including the maknaes!


Recently, new photos of soldiers currently receiving basic training at the ROK Army's 5th Infantry Division in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province, were revealed. 

The new recruits posed confidently after successfully completed their CBR training (preparation for chemical, bacteriological, or radiological attacks), and among them were BTS members Jimin and Jungkook! Notably, Jimin was seen with his signature baby face, while Jungkook had his arms perched on his fellow soldiers like a captain rather than a newly enlisted recruit. 


Fans commented, "Just by Jungkook's pose, you can tell that he's fitting right in kekekeke", "Jimin's baby face is so cute. Jungkook, are you a sergeant already kekekeke", "Why is Jimin the only one with milky baby skin kekekeke", "Hope Jungkook is getting along with his other friend who lent him his shoulder!", "Jimin looks like he could be a middle schooler", "I spot a baby chick", "Jungkook lookin like he's a soldier by profession kekekeke", "I'm relieved I finally got to see their faces!", and more.