BTS' V voted top choice for 'who do you want as a classmate in the new semester' poll

BTS's V emerged as the top choice in a recent survey asking fans which male star they'd like to have in their class for the new semester. The poll, conducted on the general entertainment mobile app STARPOLL from February 13 to February 26, saw V garnering an impressive 23,750 votes, securing the first position.

With V capturing 74% of the total votes cast, group HORI7ON secured second place with 3,504 votes, followed by Kim Seon Ho with 1,969 votes in third place, and Lim Young Woong with 1,875 votes in fourth place.

STARPOLL, the platform hosting the survey, offers a comprehensive artist content service that encompasses news, community forums, and performance updates. It serves as a vibrant fandom hub where fans gather to share everything about their favorite stars.