BTS' Jungkook continues impressive streak on US Billboard charts with 'GOLDEN'

Global pop sensation BTS' Jungkook continues to dominate the US Billboard charts with remarkable longevity.


As of February 10, the latest Billboard chart rankings revealed that Jungkook's solo album 'GOLDEN' secured the 71st position on the prestigious 'Billboard 200,' solidifying its place as the longest-charting album by a K-pop artist on this chart. The album's title track, "Standing Next to You", also made an impressive appearance by ranking 94th on the esteemed 'Hot 100' chart, maintaining its presence on the chart for an impressive 13 consecutive weeks, in conjunction with the album.

Jungkook's influence extended beyond the 'Billboard 200,' as he continued to shine on the 'Global 200' and 'Global (excluding the U.S.)' charts. Several of his solo singles achieved remarkable rankings, with "Seven (feat. Latto)" reaching the 28th position, "Standing Next to You" at 31st, and another solo track "3D (feat. Jack Harlow)" securing the 88th spot on the 'Global 200' chart. In the 'Global (excluding the US)' category, "Seven" ranked 21st, "Standing Next to You" at 25th, and "3D" charted at 57th, showcasing Jungkook's international appeal.


Additionally, Jimin's first solo album, 'FACE,' made an impressive mark with its title track "Like Crazy", ranking 107th and 159th on the 'Global (excluding the US)' and 'Global 200' charts, respectively. The track managed to stay on these charts for an impressive total of 45 weeks, further highlighting BTS's global dominance in the music industry.