BTS Jin accidentally wishes J-hope 'Happy Birthday' under another member's post

Jin has accidentally wished J-hope a 'Happy Birthday' under another member's post.


On an online forum, netizens couldn't contain their laughter as they saw the BTS member Jin's having mistakenly written a congratulatory message for J-hope in a reply to a post by V

In his message, Jin wrote, "Hobi, happy birthday~" on February 18 under a post made by V, who had written on February 14: "This is an interim report. I have now peaked at weighing 72.5 kg. I'll be back again. Salute!"

In the comments section, netizens hilariously remarked that this is "understandable because it's Jin," and that "because it's also Jin, this mistake looks even funnier and more adorable."

Reactions include:


"Lol I'm crying"
"Yes, this is Seokjin"
"Of course, this is Jin"
"Jin would do this"
"He is soooo cute"
"Of course lololol our Jin is never typical!"
"How sweet that he's thinking of hobi, though"
"You should reply, V lol"
"I love how Jin never forgets to leave his dongsaengs these messages on their birthdays..."
"Hahaha, such a big cutie"

Meanwhile, BTS (RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) began their military hiatus on December 12 last year and plan to resume their full group activities in 2025 after all members have completed their service. Among the BTS members, Jin, who was the first to enlist and is serving as an army instructor, is due to be discharged this coming June.