BTS' j-hope takes a break in 'Hope on the Street' docuseries preview photos

BTS' j-hope has revealed his latest preview photos for 'Hope on the Street'.

In the teaser images, j-hope take a break in between dance sessions. 

'Hope on the Street Vol.1' is the BTS member's special album including 6 tracks, and the new music collective set is coming alongside a 6-part docuseries about j-hope's dance journey as he meets street dancers throughout the cities of Osaka, Paris, New York, Seoul, and Gwangju.

Both releases will dive into the theme of dance, which is "the core of j-hope's artistic roots and identity." The first episode of j-hope's docuseries will be released on Prime Video March 27 with new episodes every Thursday and Friday.

'Hope on the Street Vol. 1' is set to drop on March 29 at 1PM KST.

Stay tuned for updates on j-hope!