BTS' J-hope sends new year greetings

BTS' J-Hope posted a lengthy message on the global fan community Weverse on December 31 last year. 

He started by saying, "Not much of 2023 is left. I came here to greet everyone."

He reflected on the past year. "I focused on various activities before enlisting in the military," he explained, "I attended award ceremonies alone, created collaborative music, and lived intensely before enlisting."

He is now nearing his discharge from the military. His expected discharge date is October 17th. 

J-Hope shared, "As a soldier, I've already been running for 9 months, preparing to greet the year of my discharge."

He added, "I can't wait to show you a wonderful version of myself again. I miss you all so much, and I miss the members too, while also feeling worried and a sense of camaraderie."


He also shared his military service updates. "Before going to sleep, I have a lot of thoughts and encounter various dreams," he said, "Fulfilling my duty to national defense diligently will make the start of 2024 even more powerful."


Finally, J-Hope concluded, "2023 was undoubtedly supported and driven by all of you. Receive lots of blessings in the New Year, and let’s be happy and healthy, our ARMY (fandom name) and members. I love you."


Meanwhile, all members of BTS, including J-Hope, are currently fulfilling their military duties. They have hinted at a full group comeback in 2025.