'Boys Planet' byproduct group announces team name change to avoid negative misunderstandings

On August 9 KST, Jellyfish Entertainment announced a team name change for the upcoming byproduct group born from the Mnet survival program, 'Boys Planet'. 


Previously, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that the 7-member project group made up of members Park Han Bin, Lee Jung Hyun, Moon Jung Hyun, Park Ji HooYoo Seung EonJi Yoon Seo, and Keita would debut with the team name BLIT

However, in order to avoid any negative misunderstandings that might arise out of the team name, which Jellyfish Entertainment found to carry negative meaning in some languages, the byproduct group has decided to adopt a new team name. 


The 7-member project group will instead debut as EVNNE (pronounced 'even'), short for "Evening's Newest Etoiles"


Meanwhile, preparations for EVNNE's debut, scheduled for some time in the second half of this year, are currently under way.