BLACKPINK's Jisoo says there's no such thing as friendship between men and women

On the June 20 installment of the EBS YouTube series 'Ding University', BLACKPINK member Jisoo joined MC Kim Jin Woo, Professor Owl, and Professor Elephant for a discussion about healthy relationships!


On this episode, Jisoo and fellow YG Entertainment labelmate Kim Jin Woo confirmed that they have known each other for 10 years. Jisoo then remarked, "I don't believe that men and women can be just friends. But [Kim Jin Woo] is my male friend. I can be friends with him because I've known him for 10 years." She then explained in detail, "If I can just say 'How are you doing?' from time to time irregularly, and neither side feels pressured to keep in touch, but we still feel comfortable, then I consider them my friend."

Next, while listening to various stories of relationship troubles involving male/female friends from viewers, Jisoo also described her own method of keeping her relationships in line. "I tend to draw a line subconsciously. I've never had a male friend confess to me. For me, if I consider them a friend, then there is definitely a noticeable line drawn between us. I don't give the other person any reason to doubt, 'Maybe she likes me?'," the BLACKPINK member commented.  

Of course, Jisoo also weighed in on the famous "perilla leaves" debate popular among Koreans. She continued to be specific in her personal standards, weighing, "I think that it's okay to help someone grab the leaves. But no grabbing the leaves yourself to put it in the other person's rice bowl. Just hold down the rest of the leaves in the serving dish, and then pull back." 


Later on, Jisoo showed her strong resistance to various activities "permitted" between friends of the opposite sex, such as talking on the phone for an hour, drinking alcohol together, or going on a day trip.