BLACKPINK's Jisoo opens up about embracing the moment in 'Dazed' pictorial

Dazed' magazine unveiled a captivating pictorial featuring BLACKPINK's Jisoo on January 23 KST, showcasing her unmatched grace and an air of mystery. In an accompanying interview, she shared her life philosophy, emphasizing the importance of living in the present.


Reflecting on her pursuit of happiness since a young age, Jisoo expressed that she feels somewhat unhappy when she becomes entangled in worries about the future or tied down by commitments. She stated, "As I was thinking about how to be happy, I thought, 'Let's live while being satisfied with each second of this moment,''" She elaborated, "I've come to the realization that true happiness lies in being content with each passing moment, focusing on the present."

Jisoo made her debut as a member of BLACKPINK in 2016, garnering immense love and adoration. Last year, after the expiration of her exclusive contract with YG Entertainment, she embarked on personal endeavors, notably joining a health functional food brand company founded by her older brother. However, she remains committed to team activities with BLACKPINK under YG Entertainment.