BLACKPINK's Jisoo garners attention for her goddess visuals at Coachella

BLACKPINK's Jisoo garnered attention for her goddess visuals at the Coachella music festival.


Following BLACKPINK's legendary performance at the recently held music festival Coachella, Jisoo garnered a lot of attention for her amazing goddess visuals. From performing her new solo track "Flower" in a flashy red outfit to performing the group songs with her BLACKPINK members in a feminine pink and black outfit, Jisoo showed off new charms that completely took many netizens by surprise. One netizen took to an online community forum and along with photos of Jisoo's performance, wrote, "She was f*cking good at singing live and her face was crazy too. But seriously, I'm rediscovering Jisoo". 

Take a look at some photos of Jisoo below!

Netizens commented:


"She was so cool and legendary TTT. I'm so proud."

"Insane. How can she be this pretty?"

"Crazy, her visuals are at a national level. The dance was also so well made."

"Seriously, Jisoo unnie sounded like a straight-up CD."

"Her live [vocals] and dance were the best!"


"She's so frickin' pretty. She was so comfortable and she's so good at performing."