BLACKPINK's Jennie steals hearts in latest stills from 'Apartment 404'

BLACKPINK's Jennie continued to receive love and support from fans with her adorable personality and loveable appearance on the variety show 'Apartment 404.'


The latest still-cuts of Jennie from the latest episode have captured the hearts of fans once again. In the photos, Jennie is seen wearing a red knitted handkerchief on her head with a matching red leather jacket.

After seeing the photo, a few netizens shared that Jennie's latest photos remind them of a classic mascot from a cold medicine ad.

Korean netizens commented, "She's so adorable lol her face is just like her too," "She looks like a cartoon character," "Jennie gets more adorable when she has something over her head," " She's so cute," "She should be the model for that cold medicine," "I've become a fan after watching 'Apartment 404'," "She's like a bunny," and "So cute."