BLACKPINK's Jennie says she splits the bill with friends instead of paying alone

BLACKPINK's Jennie revealed how bills are taken care of when she and her friends go out to eat.


In the 38th episode of 'Housewarming Is Just An Excuse (Pinggyego),' Jennie joined Yoo Jae Suk and a group of close friends from the entertainment industry for a series of fun, informal discussions.

As the conversation turned to the topic of settling the bill, Yoo Jae Suk inquired, "You often treat your friends to meals, right?"

Jennie candidly responded, "I'd like to, but it's not always that simple. I'm still often the youngest in the friend group, and whenever I offer to pay the bill, my friends don't let me."

When fellow guests such as Cha Tae Hyun and Yang Se Chan expressed their surprise, asking "Really? Your friends?", Jennie affirmed, "It's true! They don't allow me to pay for them!" 

Yang Se Chan jokingly chimed in, "How much do they earn?! Who are those friends of yours? Are they all world class?" Yoo Jae Suk added, "Is it Ariana Grande?"

Jennie clarified that her friends were simply peers of similar age in Korea and emphasized their genuine friendship. She confirmed that they split the check, opting for a 'Dutch pay.' 


Netizens hilariously responded to this moment and shared reactions such as:


"And then you realize that all her friends are like children of chaebols lol"
"Wow, her friends are really cool though"
"That's actually how it should be done!"

"This is easier said than done. There are so many friends of celebrities who, even as a joke, always tell the celebrity to pay for the meal. It sounds like Jennie has some really, really good friends"
"I think this is only possible because her friends actually do have the means too..."
"I think she can still pay lol it's Jennie"
"If they are friends, it's natural to go Dutch, of course"
"I think she mostly have wealthy friends though, I would imagine. Even before her debut."
"If people make someone pay even if they won the lottery then their friendship can take a toll lol"

"If someone is famous and earns a lot and has to keep paying then the relationship gets weaker"

"I also had a wealthy friend in a friend group and we always go Dutch. Isn't it weird if they always pay for the meals when we go on vacations or to a restaurant just because they are wealthy..?"

"I think I'd feel pressured if Jennie said she was gonna buy as well lol I think her friends also just want to maintain their friendship"

"I think her friends would mostly be in the entertainment industry inclusive of idols, models, actors,"


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