BLACKPINK members Jisoo, Jennie, and Rose wish Lisa a happy 27th birthday

BLACKPINK's Lisa is celebrating her 27th birthday on March 27.

On this day, Jisoo wrote, "Our beloved Lili, I've watched you grow since middle school, and every year I see you getting bigger, it feels like a new experience. Now that you've become an adult whom I can rely on when times get tough, happy birthday. Let's quickly go eat something delicious again. I love you, always rooting for you, Shoo."

Rose also shared a birthday message to Lisa on her Instagram story and shared, "My friend Lisa! Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart. When I think of you, do you remember when we were 18? I remember it the most, haha. I haven't told you yet, but when we went to see Taylor Unnie's concert and '22' played, I remembered singing that song and hanging out in the practice room with you and shed a few tears, haha. I don't even know why I cried, lol. I wanted to quickly turn 22 back then... When did we grow up so fast?!!! We were really so cute... We're still as cute (?) now Haha. As a friend, I've relied on you a lot and feel like we've experienced and grown through so much together, so thank you. It's been so much fun being with you all this time. Let's continue to grow even cooler in the future! Thank you for being my friend throughout all these years. I'm so happy I had you beside me all this time. Have the sweetest birthday hunny bunn (aka Lisapoop) I love you."

Finally, Jennie wrote, "I ran into you while eating. Happy birthday Lisa. You're my forever dancing queen. I hope you have a full and joyful day."

Happy Birthday Lisa!