B.I reveals moody teaser poster for his pre-release single '4 Letters' feat. James Reid

D-1 until the release of B.I's pre-release single "4 Letters" feat. James Reid, from his upcoming album 'Love or Loved Part.2'.


With the hours counting down to the single's unveiling, B.I has dropped a moody teaser poster, featuring the thoughtful lines, "Love is four letters. Don't mean it's forever." The black and white poster hints at a serious and solemn tone, raising anticipation for an emotional new piece from B.I. 

"4 Letters" feat. James Reid is set for release worldwide on September 29 at 12 AM EST as the precursor to B.I's 'Love or Loved Part.2', which will be out later this year on November 10. The musician is also expected to pre-release his title song from the album, "Loved", on October 27 at 12 AM EST