Army nurse accused of leaving their base without permission to vaccinate BTS's Jin denies all accusations

On June 20 KST, a legal representative spoke up to deliver the position of an army nurse, 'A', who previously faced accusations of leaving their assigned base 'G' to personally vaccinate BTS member Jin at base 'N'. 


According to 'A's legal representative, "'A' received a request for cooperation from another nurse stationed at base 'N', where Jin is stationed, and only responded to the request in order to help with vaccinations.

The legal rep continued, "The nurse at base 'N' sent over the request for assistance from 'A' about a week before the scheduled vaccinations. At the time, most of the officers and staff at base 'N' were on break, which was the reason why the nursing staff requested assistance from the nearest base, base 'G', where some colleagues from the same year were stationed."

Furthermore, 'A's side reasoned, "'A' administered vaccinations to approximately 200 soldiers in-training within an hour, with each soldier being given up to 3 shots. There was no time to casually chat with the soldiers or even look at their faces. The soldiers were wearing masks, and so 'A' had no way of recognizing Jin in the first place." 

Finally, 'A's side claimed that 'A' had received permission from head of staff to assist with the vaccinations at base 'N', and that 'A' plans on cooperating in the ongoing investigation by the army until the case is resolved. 

Meanwhile, BTS's Jin enlisted for his mandatory military service as an active duty soldier in December of 2022, where he is currently stationed as an assistant instructor for basic training.