All members of TEEN TOP part ways with TOP Media, but promise to continue as a group

According to TOP Media on this day, "We would like to notify that TOP Media's exclusive contracts with TEEN TOP members Chunji and Ricky have come to an end." 

Chunji and Ricky, who both debuted as members of TEEN TOP in 2010, chose to part ways with their debut label after 13 years. With this, all four members of TEEN TOP are now unaffiliated with TOP Media. Previously, fellow members Niel and Changjo parted ways with the agency in July, but continued to promote as members of TEEN TOP afterward. 

Regarding TEEN TOP's future plans moving forward, TOP Media stated, "TOP Media and the four members of TEEN TOP including Chunji, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo have collectively agreed to work together to ensure the team's continued promotions, and we will make sure to pay back the fans for their love and support through good music, good stages, and good performances in the future." 


Meanwhile, TEEN TOP member Changjo recently began his mandatory military service as an active duty soldier in November.