All eyes are on BTS's V & BLACKPINK's Jennie as they both get invited to attend the '2023 Cannes Film Festival'

All eyes are on BTS's V and BLACKPINK's Jennie as they both get invited to attend the '2023 Cannes Film Festival'.

According to reports, BTS's V will be attending the '2023 Cannes Film Festival' after receiving an invitation from a luxury brand. Notably, BLACKPINK's Jennie will also be at the film festival for the world premiere of her upcoming HBO series 'The Idol'. V and Jennie have both made headlines throughout the year with multiple sources reporting on their relationship, although nothing has been confirmed by their agencies thus far.

In the most recent report, V and Jennie were allegedly spotted on a date in Paris, enjoying a nighttime stroll along the Seine River. As recent as their new dating scandal is, all eyes are on V and Jennie with their upcoming attendance to the 'Cannes Film Festival'.