Actor Lee Sun Gyun's agency pleads with uninvited guests to refrain from showing up at his wake

On December 28 KST, HODU&U Entertainment stated, "We would like to thank all those who are mourning the final parting moments of the late actor Lee Sun Gyun. All procedures from here on, including the funeral procession and burial, will be held privately, so we ask that you send your condolences in your thoughts and prayers only."

The agency continued, "There have been uninvited guests claiming to be YouTubers showing up at the wake both during the day and in the night, causing unwanted commotion to the point that it has become cruel and unbearable. Once again, we earnestly ask for your cooperation, so that the family of the deceased, his colleagues, and acquaintances may mourn as much as they need to in peace." 

A wake for the late actor will be held until around noon of tomorrow, December 29 KST. Afterward, the deceased will be placed in his coffin and transported to his family burial grounds for the burial ceremony.