8 Beautiful Quotes about Love by BTS' RM aka Kim Namjoon

Just because Valentine's Day has passed doesn't mean the romantic atmosphere has to fade away. Let's focus on the BTS leader. When RM writes, he writes beautifully. Words flow and make something beautiful. Over the years, he has written about love in the most heart-warming way. His quotes and lyrics are beyond magical.


Let us look at 8 of the most beautiful quotes by RM about love.

1. “I wish there was a better word than ‘love.’ I really, truly love you. Please know that.”

“It's a long way from I to U. F***, JKLMN-O-PQRST. I crossed all the letters and I reached you.”

3. “My love, love, love. When you sit on top of it, you become my heart. I live so I love. I live so I love.”

4. “I would do anything girl. I’m sorry Maybe I’m too rational. But still, if you see me someday, smile.”

5. “You're my Miss Right, Miss Right. If I lose you, it’s a miss, right? Miss Right?”

6. “I can’t get used to you not being here, I feel like something is missing. I just want to be together with you always.”

7. “But your pain is my pain, When I realized that, I vowed to myself, With the wings of Icarus you gave me, Not toward the sun but toward you let me fly.”

8. “The evidence of fate given to me. You're the source of my dream, take it, take it. My hand reaching out to you is my chosen fate.”